Re Discover Ayurveda : Suvarna Prashan

Suvarna prashan sanskar is one of the 16 essential rituals described in ayurveda for children.
It is the process in which Suvarna bhasma (purified ash of gold) is administered with fortified ghee prepared with herbal extracts,of brahmi, jatamansi, vacha, giloy etc. and honey in liquid or semisolid form.
Suvarna prashan can be given to age group of  0-16yrs, as per ayurveda classics., on every Pushya nakshatra- an auspicious day- which happens to come after every 27 days, given on this day for a continuous period of 1 or 2 .or more years. it bestows excellent benefits.

Benefits of suvarna prashan :

  • Suvarna prashan increases immunity power and developes resistance against common infections, thus prevents children from falling ill very oftenly.
  • It builds physical strength in children and enhances physical activites, and also improves stamina for the same.
  • Regular doses of Suwarna prashan improves child’s intellect, grasping power, sharpness, analysis power, memory recalling in an unique manner.
  • It kindles digestive fire, improves digestion and decreases related complaints
  • It helps to nurture early physical and mental development.
  • It developes an inbuilt strong defense mechanism in kids which acts as a safety sheild against diseases and complaints occuring due to seasonal change and other prevailing infections.
  • It helps body to recover early in case of any illness.
  • It guards children from various allergies.

It guards children from various allergies.

Reference of suvarna prashan sanskar in classics :                                                                    

Suvarnaprashan hi etat medhagnibalavardhanamm |
Aayushyam mangalam punyam vrushyam grahapaham ||
Maasat paramamedhave vyaadhirbhirnn cha dhrushyate |
Shadbhirmaasai shrutdhar suvarnaprashanad bhavet ||
(Sutrasthanam Kashyap Samhita)

Swarna prashana develops medha (mental ability), agni (digestive power), bala (strength), aayu vardhana(prolonged life span), it is also Mangalakara(brings in good virtues in child, positive attitude in life, optimism, power to overcome mental and physical hardships, good fate), Vrushya(attractive nature and personality), Varnya(tones skin colour), Graha baadha nashaka(voids away associated evils). If swarna prashana is done regularly for 1mth then child becomes extremely intelligent and remains unaffected by any infective diseases,If taken for 6 months regularly then child will be shrutadhara excellent grasping.

Upcoming dates of Suvarna Prashan in 2015

January – 7th, February – 3rd, March – 2nd, March -29th, April – 26th, May – 23rd, June – 20th, July- 17th, August – 13th,
September – 9th, October – 7th, November – 3rd, November – 30th, December – 28th.


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