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Re Discover Ayurveda : Testimonials

I was suffering from chronic eczema , I took Ayurveda treatment from RE-DISCOVER AYURVEDA, now I am completely fine.
Santosh kumar,

I have problem of iregular menstruation, due to p c o d By taking treatment from Dr Aanchal , RE-DISCOVER AYURVVEDA now my periods are regular.
Abha Jiain,

I thank Dr Aanchal for everything .for curing my skin disease and make me out from depression. I recommend all to believe in is really a amazing therapy.
Srinivaasa singh

My daughter who is in 8 standard is suffering from bed wetting she became very depressed and ashamed of . after her friend suggestion , I with my daughter meet Dr Aanchal, she make her very comfortable, with her friendly nature. She gave us time and assured us that the problem will be solved, with the combination of medicines which she has given, yoga and some lifestyle changes, amazingly her bed wetting comes under control.
Sujata Soingh

5 Dr Aanchal is an understanding and kind hearted doctor with loads of patience. she gives lots of confidence and makes every one comfortable. Am a shy type of girl and don’t want to share my problem with any body. But by the sop friendly and easy nature of dr aanchal , I discussed my sexual problem with her. And now I am perfectly fine and happy.

Dr Aanchal is very co operative in all manners. My son who has very less appetite and is also very dull and weak. I took the medicine from her. Even if due to some hectic work schedule some times I am unable to contact her [personally, she advices medicines on phone now my son has a proper diet and becomes active too.

I have never met any doctor before who gave so much satisfaction. I recommend her to all the ladies who need sympathetic ear and good treatment.

My daughter who is 18 yrs old has irregular periods. I discussed the case with her. she advised few test and by confirm diagnosis of P COD we got scared. Dr Aanchal assured as that it can be treated by Ayurvedic medicines, yoga pastures and following certain type of life style just after 1 month treatment her periods become regular. She is still on ayurveda medicines.

Earlier my weight is 86 kgs , by taking treatment and following diet chart as mentioned by Dr Aanchal , now my weight is 66 kgs in 3 months. Thanks to Ayurveda.
Aligarh U.P

My son who is just 4 yrs old is suffering from recurrent cough and cold. , now since I have taken a course of 3 months of Ayurvedic medicine he didn’t have any episode of cough and cold. I am really thankful to Dr Aanchal.

My mother who live in Calcutta is suffering from severe joint pain ,even unable to do her routine work is now ok , now she can do all her work by own and is very fine . I am really very happy by the ayurvedoic treatment Dr Aanchal has given

I have fatty liver grade 3, by Ayurvedic treatment. now my liver is in normal shape and size.
A. Raghunath

I have a severe problem of hyperacidity. The acidity is so intense that I am unable to eat any thing, I met Dr Aanchal ,and take the medicines given by her . Now I am completely relieved by acidity.

My mother lives in Calcutta , ands he is 78 years old , quiet over weight and severe joint pain unable to visit Dr Aanchal clinic. I made her talk with Dr. Aanchal on phone , she took history of my mother. And I courier the medicines, just after 2 weeks of treatment my mother felt so much relief. Thanks to Dr Aanchal and Ayurveda.

I have a severe hair fall and felt that one day I will be bald, fortunately I find Dr Aanchals re-discover ayurveda,. She gave me hair pack, hair oil and medicines , by taking three months of treatment I regained my lost hairs as well benefited in premature graying also.
Thanks Dr. Aanchal
Neha Gupta

After my husband transfer from Mumbai, I was looking for an Ayurvedic doctor to take advice about my fibroid condition. I had continuous bleeding through out the month. I want to consult a lady Ayurvedic doctor. My allopath gynecologist suggest to remove uterus. after my friend suggestion I visited Dr Aanchal she prescribe me some medicine and told me to wait for few months. Bleeding stopped in few days and after 6 months therapy the sonography report revealed that fibroids have shrunken. I am very much thankful to Dr Aanchal..

I am suffering from complete body ache for so many years . I tried all medicines but only get temporary relief. I googled, and find out about re-discover ayurveda, . As last hope I visited her, and took medicines, after a month treatment I am feeling very much better.
Thanks Dr. Aanchal
Gurpreet Kaur


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